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When I’m Gone don’t sit and listen, to sad songs and love melodies

Take my picture from the mantle and pack it away

And all your memories you have of me in your heart is where they’ll stay

I know how it must hurt you but you have to let me go

Just think of this as a novel and like every story, it must close

In your heart my love will shine forever more

In your dreams I’ll be there this you can be sure

I’m sorry for the things I said in times that weren’t so good

I’m sorry I didn’t tell you things, things I never could

I promise I was faithful and things I never said

were only thoughts and feelings that were locked inside my head.

Written by Jody Beckham and Best Friend Bobby McDonald (3-23-91)

Johnny Jay Beckham

Johnny a good person, a great friend. Johnny would help anyone in need and give you the shirt off his back. Our hearts are broken with the way he passed but we know he is with his family. “Only the good die young.”

Jody Jay Beckham

Jody was a beloved Father, Brother, Son, and Husband. He lived his life in wonder experiencing joy and giving back love. He leaves behind 5 beautiful children and a loving wife.

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